Greetings from the CLIC 2020 Organizing Committee.

We have been reflecting on the wisdom of holding the CLIC 2020 conference in October this year, in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, given the situation globally and in South Africa. We have considered the health and safety of our national and international colleagues, but also the fact that current predictions are that the peak of in our country may be delayed until as late as September. After considering several outcomes and following in-depth consultations, including with the CLIC International Planning Committee, we have decided to postpone this prestigious conference to 10 – 13 October 2021.

We acknowledge, with appreciation, the support of our international colleagues in taking this decision, and particularly of our colleagues in the UK, who have agreed to delay hosting the conference until 2022. The conference will be held over 10 – 13 October 2021, at the same venue, namely STIAS Wallenberg Centre in Stellenbosch. All registered paid attendees and sponsors will have their registration fees carried over to CLIC 2021. Should you not wish to or not be able to attend on the revised dates, refunds will be available up until the registration for CLIC 2021 opens (Dates for registration TBC).

We understand the new dates might impact on your yearly planning and may not be ideal for you to attend the conference. Where cancellation is required, we will be able to assist. We are committed to making the changes as seamless as possible.

Should you require any further information, or have any questions, we will do our best to provide you with the information.

We are all at your disposal and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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